House of Truth Pro Wrestling School

    Become a Pro Wrestler, Manager or Referee in Just 12 Weeks
    Do you want to be a professional wrestler? Follow your dream at Truth Martini's HOUSE OF TRUTH PRO WRESTLING SCHOOL

    So, you want to be a professional wrestler?

    Enroll in the House of Truth Pro Wrestling School and start your training.

    Promo practice at House of Truth Pro Wrestling School

    Comprehensive Training

    Whether you are looking to become a pro wrestler, manager, valet or referee, our school trains for every aspect of the world’s greatest sport, even if you’re not the one taking the body slams.

    House of Truth Pro Wrestling School's famous 12 week course will have you performing by graduation

    Intense 12 Week Course

    Truth Martini’s one-of-a-kind 12 week training program found only at the House of Truth Pro Wrestling School will take you from an enthusiastic fan to a performer inside the squared circle.

    Truth Martini, head trainer of House of Truth Pro Wrestling School

    One-on-One Instruction

    All classes are capped at only 10 students, which means lots of personal, customized instruction with your trainers, including Truth Martini himself, to help you find your character and hone your craft.

    Your first show is guaranteed!

    With our network of wrestling industry professionals, House of Truth students have the opportunity to perform in front of a live audience right out of the gates. You will get priceless, real-world experience with every aspect of the sport during and after your education.

    Truth Martini with graduates of the House of Truth Pro Wrestling School at a local show


    Join the ranks of superstars who found success in the WWE, AEW, NXT, Ring of Honor, New Japan Pro Wrestling, Impact and other top organizations after attending the House of Truth Pro Wrestling School!

    Head trainer Truth Martini speaks with his students at House of Truth Pro Wrestling School


    Truth Martini’s intense 12-week training program will turn YOU into a ring-ready wrestler focusing on 4 main points.

    1. Knowing How to Work

    In pro wrestling, safety comes first so you will learn proper ring positioning and how to put a match together when you are working with your opponent.

    2. Having a Look

    Each professional wrestler has their own unique look. We will collaborate with you to come up with the look that fits your style personally.

    3. Charisma

    Nobody wants to watch somebody boring, so a wrestler needs to have charisma. We discuss how to find your own natural charisma and how to develop it for your character.

    4. Promos

    All the top stars in wrestling knew how to grab that microphone and make you feel emotionally invested in them. We will train you how to harness the power of the promo in your style.

    You will learn everything you need to start your career in professional wrestling!

    Could YOU be the next champion to come out of House of Truth Pro Wrestling School?


    Each training Session lasts 12 weeks. Classes are held Monday through Thursday, 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM.

    Classes are limited to only 10 students per session, so please get in touch with us and sign up as soon as you are ready to make the commitment.

    Next Session Begins July 8, 2024

    AEW star Danhausen, graduate of House of Truth Pro Wrestling School

    Are you ready?

    Invest in your future. Join the House of Truth.